Sarah Moss - Assistant Project Manager




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Sarah began her career with Illini as a Project Coordinator with ambitions of overseeing projects herself. In February of 2018 Sarah's hard work paid off when she was announced as Assistant Project Manager. 

Over the first few weeks of Sarah's tenure it was obvious that she was a hard working, fast learner. Sarah had exactly what Illini is looking for in all team members. She shows passion in what she is doing and always strives to be better and learn more. Sarah says “There is nothing I can’t do when it comes to solving a problem for my clients. If I don’t have the answers, I will find them!”

Starting her career in the Hardware business at Menards, Sarah quickly learned that there is SO much more to commercial hardware than she was ever aware of. She has picked up a lot of knowledge along the way but is excited to know that there is still something new to learn every day!

When Sarah is not at work you can find her spending time with her family. She is a proud Mom to a sweet little boy and a soon to be wife to her fiancé. Together they enjoy playing softball, cheering on their favorite sports teams and working on projects around the home they just bought together in the summer of 2016.